GRAB AR Viewer Subscription

GRAB AR Viewer Subscription

From: £9.99 / month


  • View Multiple Content Items in Augmented Reality
  • GRAB Analytics for Usage
  • Enhanced Interactive Experience
  • View Details for Each Content Item
  • Your Organisations Banner with Custom Link
  • Premium Support / Installation
  • 100% Private and Secure
  •  Cancel Anytime



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A GRAB AR Viewer Subscription allows you to use the GRAB AR Mobile App to display your Content Items in Augmented Reality. Allow users to GRAB any of your Content Items with quick access to its details.

GRAB AR / QR is the quickest and simplest way to GRAB and visualise ANY Content from SharePoint to your Mobile Phone with the use of QR Codes.

Once the GRAB AR / QR Add-In is installed users can automatically generate a GRAB AR QR Code.

To use GRAB AR / QR Codes, you must download and install the Free GRAB AR Mobile App. GRAB AR is your private and secure QR Reader. With GRAB AR you can view multiple content items interactively and in Augmented Reality! Visualise how multiple Content Items look in any environment and View Details associated to each.


1000, 10000, 25000


Monthly, Yearly


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